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  • Roof Leak Repair Orland Park, IL

    The Roof Leak Repair Experts That Orland Park, IL Residents Depend On

    A leaky kitchen faucet constantly dripping into your sink may not be an urgent concern. A leaky roof, however, needs to be addressed immediately. And if you suspect the roof at your Orland Park, Illinois home may have a leak, don’t hesitate to call Stewart Roofing. Our team has provided roof leak repair services throughout the Chicagoland since 1927, so we know exactly what to look for and how to fix it for the best results.

    Our Storm Damage Roof Repair Service

    After you call Stewart Roofing, we’ll schedule a roof inspection as soon as possible and thoroughly examine the storm damage to see what needs to be done. If we find that a roof repair will be all that’s needed to properly protect your home, we’ll assist you with the insurance claim process and then expertly complete the repair work.

    Be sure to call us right away if you notice:

    • Wet spots on your ceiling or walls
    • Mold growth on your exterior walls
    • Missing and/or damaged shingles
    • Water spots or wet roof decking in your attic

    What Happens if Your Roof Damage is Extensive

    Unfortunately, not all cases of storm damage can be solved with a repair. If your roof has been damaged to the point where a repair alone wouldn’t be enough to protect your home, Stewart Roofing does offer the roof replacement service you’ll need. However, we’ve built our reputation on honesty and integrity since 1927, and we’re not going to recommend a full replacement unless it’s absolutely necessary.

    Contact Us for Professional Roof Leak Repair Service

    If you’re worried about how a recent storm has affected your Orland Park, IL home’s roof, or if you’ve noticed the signs of a leak, call Stewart Roofing today. We’ll assist you as soon as we can and help you gain peace of mind in a challenging time.