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    As the architectural trends in roofing were developed, Stewart Roofing Company learned with building of new home and business. Three generations later, we have the knowledge and materials needed to address any roofing installation, roof replacement, repair, or maintenance needed in Lansing, IL. Between our established reputation in the Chicago area, and available service warranties, is there anyone else you really want to trust for your residential or commercial roofing needs?

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    No one wants a simple repair to turn into a costly replacement. With Stewart Roofing, our versatile knowledge in historical and modern building types allows us to properly identify the problem and how to fix it correctly the first time. If you suspect your roof has experienced damage from high winds or hailstorms, we can help asses the property damage for your insurance claim.


    Lansing IL is no stranger to the occasional storm, so if you find yourself in need of emergency roof repairs, Stewart Roofing is highly equipped for the task. Keeping the integrity of your roof in tacked is our main priority.


    Lansing, IL, has a rich history that is reflected in the architecture of its homes and commercial buildings. At Stewart Roofing, we focus on exceptional craftsmanship for all roofing installations while providing the same aesthetic that will match the time period design you want. Our team has helped thousands of customers find the material and look that bring the most value to their home or business.

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    A roof is a major investment, so it’s smart to do whatever’s necessary to make sure it stays in good shape.

    Regular Maintenance

    Regular inspection and preventive maintenance will keep small problems from becoming big ones. It’s smart to hire a roofing professional to check things out on a regular basis, and do all the necessary maintenance.

    If you decide to climb up there and check the roof yourself, there are a number of problems to look out for:

    Standing Water – When water is ponding on a roof, it means there is improper drainage, and water can begin to damage structures. It may be necessary to install roof drains, or clear obstructed drains that are already in place.

    “Alligatoring” and Blistering — When cracks appear in the surface of a built-up roof, cold weather can create channels that hold water.


    The free flow of air around and under a roof is critical to its durability. Without it, heat and moisture build up and can cause shingles to buckle and rafters to rot. Never block off your roof’s louvers, ridge vents, or soffit vents, even in the winter. Attic ventilation prevents structural damage, increases the life of your roofing material, and increases the comfort level of the rooms beneath the attic.